Our run in with the In Law storm

Posted by Moes on February 28, 2013 at 10:25 AM

Got the idea for this post while watching the morning news today. They had nicknamed our unexpected snow storm the “In Laws” as it came unexpected bright or rather cloudy and early Tuesday morning, and isn’t gone yet but should be gone by Friday. And all this after telling us it was going to “clip” the edge of the state for nearly a week, and yet in DMS it dumped 9 inches! Winter weather warning went from 2 counties to 2/3rd of the state at about 9 am Tuesday morning.

Now why is all this interesting? Someone had the bright idea to go on a supply run to DMS Tuesday right after dropping off our 5yo at school. Can we guess who that bright person was lol… Up till about half way there we were expecting to get maybe a dusting and CrazyZ loves driving in a bit of weather as it actually helps his ADD focus on the driving. When we had left there wasn’t even signs of the fact snow was on it’s way.

DMS is about an hour away from where we live. Thankfully though it is all highway miles so getting there was at least better than if it had been country roads. We went from no snow on the roads to at least 3 inches of slush by the time we got to DMS.

My favorite part however was our arrival at the fabric store with the field I mean parking lot of fresh deep snow, and getting 2yo out of the car to the automatic kid response of seeing snow still falling… sticking his face right into the air mouth open and tongue out telling mother nature to just dump it all right here on him 

We get me 3 more cuts of nylon net in lime, taffy, and orange. then head over to the other side of the shopping area to hang out at Toys R Us until at least the streets have had a chance to have plows on them. This all worked wonderfully till we were heading to our next stop when things in DMS had calmed down, and while parking the car 5yo’s school calls to inform us of the fact he is getting out 2 hrs early… By now it is after 11 and this means he will be getting out at 1:10 and we have 2 more stops and a hours drive in good weather ahead of us lol… not quite the schools best choice since this is also the time the next wave of snow is due to hit!

Well all in all we made it back only 15 min late to pick him up and we even got to stop and eat our favorite Chinese food b4 leaving the DMS area… I’ll have to find 2yo’s fortune cookie paper as it was totally the worst one we had ever seen but it went something like…

Temptations may only happen once in a life time so make sure to go for it! LOL of course in more of badly translated English but this is what it basically said! What don’t be telling my 2 yo to do whatever he pleases if the mood hits hahahaha.

And all this trouble for getting some taffy colored net! Boy next time I have a great idea I might need to think twice.




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Reply Crystal
10:48 AM on February 28, 2013 
In laws storm. LOL, I hadn't heard that!