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Posted by Moes on October 21, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Well so I start this new blog off on the right foot here is another Sunday post 

We’ll keep it simple this week and this is just the “About Us” post!


HookedOnMOeZ may be a new name but we have been on etsy for over 3 and a half years. Granted it was a very side business in the beginning and I still really have no clue where it is going, but I love every moment of having my own little online shop to share our creations with everyone. At this time mainly shop wise u will see my crocheted goodies as well as my husbands caramels, and just starting to introduce our supplies. We believe in making high quality goods, and enjoying adding a bit of offbeat to the standard. We hope to continue to bring you many goodies in the future and offering them more here on our off etsy site. We are also always more then happy to hear your suggestions and will even be happy to listen to any complaints! As without conflict we will never grow into something bigger and better.

We also support many other etsy shops so if u are on there and have a shop, feel free to let us know about you!



Where did HookedOnMOeZ come from? Well in short hooked on is either for the hooked together creations or because the caramels are ever so addictive ). Moe is for myself and yes there is a story to the Moe. And Z for my husband crazyZ.

Moe was a nickname given to me in middle school A few friends of mine all had a little short name, I don’t remember why but we ended up going with the male spelling. And then later to kinda hint at the fact I was a female online I moved to the big MO with a little e. Also I think I had a habit of holding down the shift key to long so well it’s just sorta stuck… And now nearly 50% of the people I know in person still call me Moe instead of my actual name.

CrazyZ was the name I found my husband under when we first met online before that was a common thing. I had a habit of searching for people on a chat program called ICQ and this was my future hubby’s screen name on there. So when I decided to add him to my etsy shop knowing all too well we couldn’t go the normal root as I’m already an odd ball I chose this nickname of his to use for him on etsy. And now that his caramels will bring in half my sales in the cooler months might as well make him part of the shop name even though it may be small .

I know now you all want to know where the CrazyZ part came from and I know where the Z came from but can’t remember where the Crazy part comes from… So story for another time 


More about us…

CrazyZ and I have been together for just under 11 years now. That’s right I found him on icq right before 9/11, but we didn’t meet in person till right at the end of 2001. We have been married for just about 6.5 years. We live in a home we own, in a smaller town with our 2 boys (ages 5 and 2) and our 2 cats (that are named after an anime). We do not live fancy but we make things work.


As for a little background on Moe…

I am a 28 yo. I am visually impaired. I have been legally blind my whole life although I did have more vision as a kid than I do now. I however try not to let this get in my way, but since I am uncomfortable with my abilities in the real work world, I started my etsy shop to help contribute to the family. Although crocheting is what I love to do so it is hardly work. I also love being a mom, and even with my limits of vision my kids don’t seem to suffer much from having a parent that is disabled. In fact the 5yo is a little smarty pants and is far above his peers. I also love dolphins and the color blue even though I am mostly color blind.


A bit about CrazyZ…

My husband is a 30 yo employee in a kitchen for the grocery chain HyVee. Which was started in our home state, in case u haven’t heard of it I believe it is only in a few states but it is expanding. He has been food safety certified, and is extremely paranoid about cross contamination with food. So we hope u never worry about any goodies he brings to the shop. He grew up just outside of the town we now live in, on his grandfather’s land. We do hope someday to move back into the country, but for now this works for us. He loves to read, play video games, and go disc golfing. He also is a really good guitar player, but doesn’t realize how good he really is so we never get to hear him play.




Well that is probably plenty to read for today. However I am terrible with coming up with interesting facts about us so feel free to ask questions. We are fairly boring people however, but we do love adventure at the same time lol!




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