Books 16, 17, and 18

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Instead of just posting a long list of books I have read over a year, I thought I would try maybe a monthly post or at least a post whenever I update my flash drive of the books I have listened to recently, with a few comments about them…  That’s right since I can’t read print anymore anything I read is an audio book, and normally downloaded off a free program from the NLS for visually challenged/blind individuals. Absolutely love this program as it is so much better than the old tape program, which is still going, I think, but on demand downloads for multiple books is just what I need, with my wide range of interests. Only problem is this limits available titles.

We’ll start with book 16 of the year

(I’ll post the Bard Cat. File name first then a link to it on amazon. BARD is the NLS program)

DB-Mansfield_ Stephen - Holland_ David A Paul Harvey's America_ the life_ art_ and faith of a man who transformed radio and inspired a nation  DB72283



This book caught my attention as I have for some unknown reason always liked Paul Harvey. I can’t really remember any of the little stories I heard from his news cast but I do recall that I had heard them as a kid, and while listening to the story about him, I realized that he is probably one of my biggest hero’s. He loved his country and his life, and wasn’t afraid of telling the hard truth. So much to admire!

I would recommend this book


Book 17

DB-Verne_ Jules - Bonner_ Anthony 20_000 leagues under the sea DB57020



I’m going to guess that this was a recent newly updated file to the digital download file as it appeared on the top 20 most popular downloads, and it being such a great classic and the fact I can’t ever remember reading it I thought I would finally actually get around to it. And unlike a lot of older English books I was happy to be able to follow the story and get sucked in right away, and can see why it is considered a classic story! My main observation though as a work of fiction I noticed that it mentions the cooling off of the earth, and how funny that now today we are so concerned with global warming. Of course being written so long ago I’m sure the known science of the world has greatly altered.

Yes I would recommend this book


Book 18

DB-Olstrom_ Clifford E - Perkins School for the Blind Undaunted by blindness_ concise biographies of 400 people who refused to let visual impairment defi


I’m not sure if this is the same edition as I read I think mine was first but this was the only result


This was one of those I brought along with me when I was expecting to get interrupted as you can start and stop so often since it’s not a story but just mini bios of the people. My biggest problem with this book as from its title I expect people who did amazing things in the real world and over probably 50% of the people mentioned worked with/for blind individuals in that tight knit community and not successful in the real world. Also at least 2 that I noticed killed themselves! How is this overcoming blindness? I’m curious to see what a list comprised in the future would contain as many many of the people that were not known for their work in the blind community, were hands on professionals like organ tuners, (yes this came up A LOT hahaha) We live in such a different world now than when most of the people covered did, and the more recent again were all involved in NFB or similar state agencies, not that I don’t think this work is important, I just don’t find it very uplifting that individuals such as myself can impact the actual world vs just a community of like people. And OH MY seriously I think we have done a great job at getting kids to quit poking their eyes out, or causing eye infections that later cause total blindness. This again was something that reoccurred again and again, Child gets hit in the eye, improper treatment causes totally blindness in both eyes. Today I don’t think I know anyone personally that has gone blind from this sort of accident. 90% of people I know are genetically blind.

My other complaint is that is is sorted alphabetically and think it would have a better impact if sorted by timeline instead.  

No I probably would not recommend this book. It’s not a bad book, it’s just not uplifting like you would take from the title.



And folks that’s all I have today to delete off my flash drive!